Meet Our Team

Alma – Dental Hygienist

Alma is a Preventive Dental Hygienist that has been part of our team for over 4 years. She believes in educating her patients about different types of bacteria, the causes of gum disease, the link between an unhealthy condition in the mouth and heart disease, and showing patients how to do her favourite thing…flossing. She is a natural at interacting with people every day.



Celia – Dental Assistant

Celia has been a part of the team for the over 3 years. She enjoys the different challenges she sees as a dental assistant and truly enjoys helping all the patients at at Don Mills-Eglinton Dental Centre.




Marivic – Dental Assistant, Level II

Marivic has extensive experience in the dental field and has been at Don Mills-Eglinton Dental Centre for over 8 years. Marivic has wide-ranging knowledge and skills with creating teeth whitening trays, night guards and mouth guards, and models. She believes in teamwork & continuing education and she takes pleasure in helping others and working to the best of her abilities.


Tess – Patient Care/Financial Coordinator

Hello, my name is Tess and I have been the Patient Care/ Financial Coordinator at Don Mills-Eglinton Dental Centre for over 6 years. My priority is to make sure the office is running smoothly so that your dental visit is comfortable and enjoyable. I enjoy my job tremendously and will be happy to assist you with your dental questions, insurance concerns, appointments and dental financing needs.


Alma Alvarado – Denturist

Alma has been our denturist for over 3 years. She has been formally trained in denture treatment planning, and the fabrication of full, partial, immediate, and implant supported dentures. Alma is dedicated to providing a full range of denture services to our valued patients.